Friday, December 9, 2011

Poem about science

                                Butterfly Life Cycle

There was an egg,

On a tree,
Teeny, tiny egg you see...
leaf and caterpillar egg
Teeny, tiny, insect egg,
Hatched a tiny,
Thing with legs...
And that tiny,
Furry mound,
Took a tiny,
Look around,
What's that furry,
Crawling thing?
Here's the answer,
Here I sing...
From the egg,
Eating leaves,
Gets well-fed...
Eats a heap,
Finds a quiet place to sleep...
Larva covered,
Covered soon,
In a really, cool cocoon...

Inside changes,
Did occur,
Metamorphosis?Yes sir!
And it waited,
Wait and wait,
Turns to something really great...
One day I see,
With my eye,
This beautiful,

LIfe cycle of a butterfly: During its lifetime, a butterfly goes through a complete metamorphosis. It starts as an egg which hatches into the larval form- the caterpillar. The caterpillar eats and grows until it has enough energy to move into its pupal stage- often making a chrysalis or cocoon. Inside the cocoon, the caterpillar goes through its metamorphosis and eventually emerges as a butterfly. The butterfly mates and lays new eggs to start the life cycle over again.

There was a giant caterpillar,
More than ten-feet long,
tape measure
Chomped whole trees,
Instead of leaves,
It really was real wrong...
Yes that creeping caterpillar,
Loved the month of June,
Wrapped itself,
With a tent,
And made a huge cocoon!
When it hatched,
I can’t believe,
What emerged was this,
An airplane sized,
From the chrysalis!

Caterpillar:Caterpillars are the larval forms of butterflies that hatch from, you guessed it, butterfly eggs. Caterpillars go through a metamorphosis inside a cocoon or chrysalis (The poem is actually inaccurate in that it uses both cocoon and chrysalis to describe the butterfly's place of metamorphosis- but it's done for art's sake). A cocoon is a silk case usually made by the larva of moths and other insects, while a chrysalis is the hard skin of a caterpillar in which it will morph into a butterfly.


Tadpole, tadpole,
Super sad pole,
Had no legs to hop...
Didn't look like cousin Jim,
Or even mom or pop!
Tadpole, tadpole,
Super sad pole,
Not like mom or dad,
frog frog mom
After eyeballs,
Only tail,
Made her really sad!
Tadpole, tadpole,
Super sad pole,
Had no lungs for air,
Had to use,
Gills to breathe,
It really wasn't fair!
tadpole with legs
Tadpole, tadpole,
Super glad pole,
Sat there on a log,
In the water,
A reflection,
She'd become a frog!
Tadpole: Tadpoles (or pollywogs) are the larval forms of amphibians- commonly frogs and toads. After tadpoles hatch from their eggs they live strictly in the water and breathe with gills, but as time passes they undergo a metamorphosis and grow legs, arms, and develop lungs for respiration.

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